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Kids Safety Monitoring System

Kids Safety Monitoring System

MH Kids watch is Monitoring & Tracking Device. Connect to secure and keep your child safe at all the time.

MH Kids watch could be used to give you space of mind and for verification of your child’s safety.

Tracking system data is easily accessible to view your child’s current location, before and now, in real time.


User Menu For Kids Safety Monitoring System Application:


  • Location Tracking (Never lose track of your little ones again with GPS for kids)
    The kids watch has GPS with location tracking and location history data.
  • Voice Message
    The kids watch can upload kid’s voice to caregiver and download the received voice message from caregiver. Pre-set up to six mobile numbers in MH app for the wearer to exchange voice message with.
  • Two Way Communication
    The kids watch can receive and dial calls.
  • Geo-fencing (Intelligent early warning)
    Geo-fencing enables parents to build virtual barriers (Geo-fence) that can be scaled or circumvented around a location, such as your house or school, so that when your kids enter and leave the area, you automatically receive a notification.