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Ensure Gold





Complete nutrition to help stay strong.


ENSURE provides complete, balanced nutrition for supplemental use between or with meals. ENSURE can benefit people who are on:

  • Modified diets
  • At nutrition risk
  • Experiencing involuntary weight loss
  • Recovering from illness or surgery
  • Low-residue diets



  • Excellent source of 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Low in sodium (0.84mg/ml)
  • Low in cholesterol (< 5mg/250ml)

Nutrient Facts


Nutrient density (Cal/ml) 1.06 Halal Yes
Protein (% Cal) 14.0 Gluten-free Yes
Carbohydrate (% Cal) 64.0 Lactose-free Yes
Fat (% Cal) 22.0 Low residue No
Total Cal/g nitrogen 177:1 Renal sol. load(mOsm/l) 326
Nonprotein Cal/g nitrogen 153:1 Osmolality (mOsm/kg H20) 470
Water (ml per can) 210 Min. tube size for gravity 
pump feeding (Fr)